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“Living at Selo Gardens Personal Care Home – Means to Me”

Resident Comments

“Living at Selo Gardens gives me the feeling of freedom, the staff create a loving and caring environment along with lots of fun.” “Accommodate special needs for food and care, along with availability of hair stylist, foot care, and recreational activities.” Sharon Chuka

“The staff treat me great” Bill Cripps

“It’s the only place to be” Dorothy Cunningham

“It’s a wonderful place to be, I’ve been here a year and the staff are wonderful and the food is great. The Boss is like a mother to us.” Pauline Boehm

“Staff is wonderful, we learn something new every day” Gladys Speers

“Working at Selo Gardens Personal Care Home – Means to Me”

Staff Comments

“Getting to see the residents each day, and the difference I make in their lives”

Kate-Lynn Papegnies

“I work at Selo Gardens PCH because of the manager”

Mary Ann

“Selo Gardens PCH has been “Home” for almost 14 years, this is family, the residents and staff and Board have all become family, they have been there through the best of days and the worst of days. Our philosophy of “Together we can make a Difference” is true when you walk through the doors of Selo”

Lorelei Fletcher

“Selo is a nice place to work and we are like family, and the “boss” is very accommodating”

Osayimwense (Sophie)

“I loved working at Selo gardens PCH because it’s my first job when I came to Canada, it’s my passion as a health care provider, I love helping people in need especially seniors. I have an amazing “boss” who cares for everyone who treats us as a family”. Rowena

“I like working at Selo not because I have a paycheck every two weeks but I like to work at Selo because residents are like family to me, and residents treat me like their daughter, and I love to work at Selo because they respect me and the “boss” is so understanding, she will help staff wherever there is a problem in the workplace.” Eva

“By God’s grace, it was a great opportunity to work in Selo with a home like environment, a mange who is very accommodating, kind and friendly, which I enjoyed to work with that I will always be grateful for.”

Jemalyn Ramos Euraoba

“Having my loved one at Selo Gardens Personal Care Home – Means to Me”

Family comments

“My dad came to Selo Gardens PCH in August. He had been living in a fairly independent apartment, with a lot of support, until July, when he fell. Home Care found him and he was in hospital for almost a month once it was determined that he couldn’t be on his own any more.

Since arriving at Selo, Dad has been cared for so well! He eats regularly and is encouraged to participate in activities, meals, and talking with his new friends there. The staff treats him with the utmost respect and help him to be independent but are there for him when he can’t be independent. It has been a huge relief to me to know that he is cared for every day and much better than I can do, not living there, and not being a health care provider.

I really appreciate Lorelei’s close monitoring of her patients and staff, and the fact that I have always been encouraged to contact and visit whenever I can. It certainly comforts me to know that my dad is safe and happy, and treated with the respect he has earned in 91 years!” Lori Burton

“Our father, Bill Cripps resides at Selo Gardens PCH and has been there more than 4 years now, the care and attention provided has been nothing short of amazing. During the past 11 months during COVID, the staff and management at SGPCH have applied exceptional due diligence to remain in compliance with the Public Health Order. The quality of care during COVID has further confirmed for us that the selection of SGPCH for our dad was by far the best decision we made We were advised recently that all staff and residents, 100% have agreed to and have received the COID vaccine, this level of commitment and dedication to each other’s safety and well-being places SGPCH at the top of our list for high quality safe care. To the team at SELO and the leadership under Lorelei we can’t thank you enough for the great care and attention of Bill. Even though the restrictions of COVID prevent us for giving Bill a hug, or a friendly visit we know that he is in good hands. On behalf of our family please know how much we appreciate all you do for those in your care. Keep up the good work!

The Cripps family

The first thing that comes to mind is our peace of mind. We have confidence in the excellent care that mom receives from all of the staff. We know we can trust the staff to look after mom not only physically but with care for her mental and emotional health. Mom often says the staff are part of her family too. We feel so fortunate that mom lives in a place where she is comfortable, well cared for and happy. Diane and Laurie 1 (Louise Ahlberg)

“Selo provided a loving and fun family atmosphere, very genuine and sincere. Mom always enjoyed the dancing. Marianne Penner

“One of our biggest concerns when looking for a carehome for our mom, was that she have someone to help he when we could not be there. Selo Gardens Care Home is a small, 20 resident facility. Each person has their own room with a bathroom. There is 24 hour care to help with all needs including homemade meals, and snacks, housekeeping, laundry, bath care, medicine dispensing, activities, etc, all provided in a family friendly setting. We could not be happier with the care our mom and the other residents receive” The Speers Family

“When we were looking for a care home for my mom who had Alzheimer’s, we were looking for a home that treated residents as family and where safety was a high priority, in the almost four years she lived at Selo Gardens she was loved and treated with dignity and love by the staff and residents alike. I knew that she was safe and well taken care of and that allowed us to sleep a little easier at night. When she passed away it felt like we were losing our Selo family as well, but Lorelei continues to make us feel like part of the Selo Gardens family. Angels truly descries the Selo Gardens staff and we are forever grateful for their care and compassion they always demonstrate” Sarah (Ruth Geres)

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